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Two weekends of BASE jumping at the "Potato Bridge" demonstrates the variety of jumps possible.

"Potato Bridge"

Length - 3:44    Added - 1/23/05

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A double back


220,000 people, 402 jumpers, 836 jumps made, flips, twists, water landings, spring-board jumps, multi-way jumps, long delays, round canopy jumps, tree landings, off heading openings...all a part of Bridge Day, West Virginia's New River Gorge, once a year, BASE jumping event!

"Bridge Day 2003"

Length - 3:29    Added - 12/26/03

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There they go


Video from one day of flying at Lake Elsinore during the 2003 Southern California Paragliding Open

"So. Cal. Open"

Length - 3:57    Added - 12/1/03

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Fighting with the wing


Many launches and landings, with some of them not going well, making for a funny but fun video.

"Back to Earth"

Length - 7:20    Added - 10/1/03

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A bugs view of launch


Some great video shot from the air of the 2002 Southern California Paragliding Open competition.

"Lake Elsinore"

Length - 5:43    Added - 7/15/03

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Launch as seen from the air


A little amuzing video about me and some other pilots flights.  If you get motion sick easily, beware of some of these camera angles!

"Our Flights"

Length - 4:41    Added - 5/14/03

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Sometimes it all goes well


These pilots' antics turn into a series of screwed up launches, landings, and in-air maneuvers.  As well as some that go according to plan.

"Just Having Fun"

Length - 4:10    Added - 11/12/02

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Up close and personal


This video is of a skydiving pond swooping contest.  The fastest speed attained was 69.5 MPH during landing.  If you want to see some people haulin' ass check this out!  Most people were jumping canopies around 8 square meters in size.

"Pond Swooping"

Length - 3:01    Added - 10/6/02    *  story

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Many awesome swoops


All of these shots were done during a one hour period of smooth calm air.  There are lots of pretty shots and pilots flying by the camera.

"January Rain"

Length - 2:59    Added - 7/18/02

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A beautiful song and video


Here is a video all about the local pilots at Marshall.

"Pilots of Marshall"

Length - 9:13    Added - 6/1/02

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Several pilots and great camera shots


A paragliding trip to Owens Valley, CA. Organized and run by SkyBee

"Owens Trip"

Length - 3:51    Added - 5/13/02

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Flying in the valley


Several beautiful days of flying, some great camera angles, very competent pilots and people that just know how to have fun.  Put them all together and this is what you get!

"Nothing but SKY"

Length - 4:50    Added - 4/20/02

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A fun day of flying


Here's video from a day at a maneuvers clinic.  There are people doing Sat's, Spiral's, Collapses, Loop's, Stall's and more.

"Maneuvers Clinic"

Length - 3:20    Added - 11/27/01

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There were several collapses this day

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